Managing Fire and Biodiversity in the Kimberley - Refining prescribed burning targets based on biophysical factors

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Using NAFI firescar data, and/ or other fire scar datasets as available and relevant, along with relevant biophysical data:
• Develop (sub) regional targets for prescribed burning in AWC’s Kimberley project area (or more broadly in the
Kimberley), given analysis of data on the relationship between the extent of prescribed burning in the early dry
season (EDS) and wildfires in the late dry season (LDS), considering a range of relevant biophysical factors, such as:
o previous wet season(s) rainfall (Harris et al. 2008)
o fire history (extent and pattern of vegetation at different times since fire)
o any other relevant factors
• Provide information on related matters, as agreed between the parties, such as the relationship between time
since burning and risk of ignition.
Effective start/end date1/03/2130/06/21


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