Mapping Marra Sea Country with a focus on benthic habitats of the Limmen Marine Park

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    Understanding the distribution and composition of benthic habitats in the Limmen Marine Park is necessary to manage the park in accordance with the North Marine Parks Network Management Planand support the aspirations of the Marra People. TheSub ‐contractor will contribute towards marine benthic habitat surveys within the Marine Park,together with Marraandli‐Anthwirriyarra Rangers (through the Mabunji Aboriginal Corporation), James Cook University and DEPWS (NorthernTerritoryGovernment). Recommendations for the Marine Park’s co‐management will be developed. Project outputs will be relevant to multiple users and made accessible by optimizing media streams,including a short film about the Limmen Marine Park from the perspective of the Marra people and Sea rangers.
    Effective start/end date26/11/2030/04/23


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