Mapping seagrass in dugong hotspots in the Gulf of Carpentaria

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Funding will be used to procure:
1. A desktop study (collation and synthesis) of existing western science spatial information, including seagrass, dugong aerial survey and tracking data, location and severity of threats (mines, fishing pressure, etc.) and other values of importance. Data on culturally significant places, stories and dreaming of relevance to seagrass and dugong in Yanyuwa country will be shared with permission from Yanyuwa families.
2. A 2-day community workshop that brings together knowledge from Yanyuwa families, including culturally recognised Yanyuwa decision-makers and scientists from CDU and JCU. Together, the existing cultural information and western science data will be reviewed to identify the most appropriate spatial extent needed to develop a protected area for dugongs.
3. A summary report will be presented and provided to end users describing workshop outcomes and the proposed new dugong protection area.
4. A presentation on the optimised dugong protection area will be co-delivered by scientists and Yanyuwa experts to NT and Commonwealth governments and the Northern Land Council (NLC). Discussions will be held with them to identify the implementation pathway.

Short titleMapping seagrass
Effective start/end date15/06/231/05/24


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