Mobility and Career Progression as a partner of an Australian Defence Force member

  • Morris, Barbara Ann (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

Project: HDR ProjectPhD

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Partners of serving military members often experience challenges in attaining, maintaining or retaining employment. This workshop will focus on the findings of my research which investigates the relationship between tied migration and the career progression of partners of Australian Defence Force members. Tied migration is described as the movement of an individual whose partner or family have migrated to a new country or distant location but who would not have chosen to move if they possessed sufficient personal agency and decision-making skills. Career progression is not mere employment but a planned, upward moving, status building activity usually with financial benefits. Partners of serving military members in Australia often have no say in when or where they move.
This research sought to understand the implications of being a civilian partner of a member of the Australian Defence Force and whether this had a bearing on the career progression and achievements of individuals. This research was underpinned by narrative theory which informed the methodological design; research conversations from thirty participants gathered through snowball recruitment formed the core data collected in this research. Australian military policy documents and literature reviews from American, British and Canadian military studies triangulated with the research conversation data were used to develop the recommendations and conclusions contained in this research.
By listening to the stories of the these participants today, presents possibilities to change the future by providing partners with opportunities to work in their chosen careers, ensuring a strong and resilience identity within the community and assisting in maintaining good morale in the ADF.
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