NTG DENR Gulf of Carpentaria mangrove dieback

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    While mangroves are superbly adapted to the intertidal zone, there was an unprecedented mangrove dieback
    event stretching 1000 km across the Gulf of Carpentaria in 2015. This project will unpack the likely causes of this
    extreme event through analysis of climatic variability linked to remote sensing and examining physiological
    thresholds (which were exceeded during this event). Past and present patterns of regional mangrove extent,
    growth and health will be correlated with historic, current and future climate data to model the probability of future
    events. This will inform adaptive coastal management in a warming world where mangrove provide crucial
    ecosystem services maintaining coastal biodiversity, livelihoods and stability as seas rise.
    Short titleGulf mangrove dieback
    Effective start/end date1/02/1830/06/21


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