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    This project will be developing 3D interactive fire simulation technology to support fire management operations and communication for lands managed by the Olkala Aboriginal on Cape York Peninsula. This work will be building on similar applications in Arnhem Land and in collaboration with the Northern Land Council in the East Kimberly (NT). The work will combine the use of Projection Augmented Landscape Model (PALM) technology and a Savanna fire simulation tool.

    The project will specifically create and provide a projection augmented, 3D printed landscape with custom-designed, open-source fire spread/fire behaviour simulation software. to the Olkola Aboriginal rangers. The 3D Fire Simulations (Landscapes, Projection equipment and software) along with training workshops will be provided to Olkola ranger groups and schools during local workshops. This will build capacity in setting up the Projection Augmented landscape and the simulation software.

    PALM technology projects landscape information and dynamic simulations onto onto 3D printed landscapes. The projection augmented landscapes look spectacular, like an animated hologram of country, they are multi-sensory and interactive, pulling people into learn and teach by providing a stage to illicit share local stories from the land. Creating a 3D terrain surface to display landscape data and landscape simulations over helps with understanding environmental data and the topographic effects on landscape processes.

    The way in which fires move through country can be very complex and hard to predict particularly in the vast tropical savannas of northern Australia. The application will use ‘Incendiary’, a fire spread simulation tool that allows us to ‘play with fire’ and explore the effects of a range of weather and landscape variables on fire behaviour which can assist thinking about strategic fire management.

    Time Line

    It is proposed that the project be run over three years to ensure time for model development and on-going mentoring to training local rangers in using the equipment and simulation software. Year one would see the development of the 3D printed landscape and simulation model and initial implementation and training onsite. Year 2-3 would involve ongoing development of the projection model to ensure that it was supporting fire management, and other land management activites, in the most effective way. Years 2-3 would also involve training and model implementation session as well as ongoing mentoring of rangers. Initial model development would occur in Darwin with consultations and training all occurring on the cape.
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    Effective start/end date1/09/2031/12/23


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