On Indigenous Spirituality as a viable foundation for sustainable living & development: A Comparative Study of the Practices of the Yolŋu Aboriginal women in Australia and the Northern Sámi women in Norway

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What the world decides to implement before 2030 will determine the longevity of all life on earth and the revertability of the climate crisis. Thus far, dominant solutions to development and sustainability have been rooted in European culture and values. Such values have normalised a predominately exclusionary model of human existence that encourages injustice and exploitation of the human person and nature to support economic growth. My research advocates for Indigenous spirituality as a foundational and enduring system of human existence - that values and respects all life on earth equally - as a progressive and contextual ontology that can redefine, reimagine and reclaim sustainability. My research will be a comparative analysis of Indigenous female knowledge and practices from Northern Norway and Arnhem Land as underrepresented carriers and guides to Indigenous life (systems/spirituality) that have enabled Indigenous peoples to navigate, endure and survive for thousands of years.
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