Process evaluation of the project: Managing PCOS in Indigenous Communities

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    This study is a mixed-method process evaluation. The overall aim of the evaluation is to understand the processes that took place as part of the Managing PCOS in Indigenous Communities project. For this project, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health and Alukura Women’s Health Service (part of Central Australian Aboriginal Congress health services) worked in partnership with local women and health professionals (HPs) to respond to high rates of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. The main aim of the project was to develop a suite of culturally responsive, accessible PCOS resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and health professionals in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) and surrounding communities. Resources can be separated into those dedicated to the community, and those dedicated to health professionals, including specific resources for Aboriginal Health Workers/Practitioners.
    Effective start/end date16/09/2215/03/23


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