Questions a quantum transformation in the digital world

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Questions provoke possibilities. They generate ‘concatenates of sense’ which connect perceptions, mental images and imagination in ways that have value. The progression in digital systems from search to social to smart opens up opportunities to evolve towards a question driven culture, as distinct from the prevailing answer focus.
An eclectic design-based phenomenological project is being designed to explore the potential of generic generative questions (GGQs) to kindle dialogue and discourse in digital environments. Particular issues include in what ways might GGQs-
• stimulate consequent questions at different stages in investigations?
• enhance personalisation and customization of inquiries?
• provide creative insights that help identify areas for further work?
• promote digital scaffolds that support active engagement and dialog?
Work in progress will be presented on how appreciative inquiry and action research approaches will be used to reveal ways GGQs might influence promotion of online conversations around climate change. Strategies for inquiry, data collection and analysis will be discussed along with issues related to the development of resources, authenticity and online consistency.
The import might provide insights into ways the current ‘search paradigm’ could be transformed into a ‘questions paradigm’. The implications could be significant in all spheres of education as well as for the design of digital resources. Knowledge creation might be accelerated, and knowledge building enhanced beyond assimilation and conveyance.
Effective start/end date1/01/19 → …


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