Research and Development of Carbon Sequestration of Living Tree Biomass and Fire Severity Mapping

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    Outputs that build on research already undertaken over many years to complete the development of:
    1. A living tree biomass model for carbon sequestration and;
    2. Mapping of the spatial distribution of the level of effect of fire on Australian savanna vegetation (fire severity mapping).

    The Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research (DCBR) have implemented an extensive plot network across the Top End which has been sampled frequently for over 20 years. The trees on these plots were measured regularly and provide an enormous dataset to characterise the effect of various levels of fire effect on tree mortality. In this research, the tree measurements will be modelled with respect to fire effect.

    Fire severity mapping has been a topic of research for DCBR researchers for over a decade. In this time, various methods have been developed and implemented with various levels of accuracy and applicability. New methodologies for emissions avoidance and carbon sequestration would be improved by incorporating fire severity, in place of fire seasonality. In this research, the latest international research has been collated to develop a geographically expansive method of calibration for the fire severity classification.
    Effective start/end date1/12/1930/06/22


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