RRCP - Research Institute for Northern Agriculture and Drought Resilience

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    Regional Research Collaboration Program (RRCP)
    By establishing the Research Institute for Northern Agriculture and Drought Resilience, CDU aims to build the local, Northern Territory (NT) based research capability and capacity and develop research strengths and skills to assist the NT primary production sector; pastoral, cropping systems, horticulture, aquaculture
    and seafood industries to achieve sustainable economic growth and resilience to future drought.

    Anticipated benefits of this project include acceleration and modernisation of agriculture in northern Australia, increased productivity and efficiency of the agricultural sector in the north, increased profitability and sustainability of agriculture in the north, increased resilience of the agricultural sector
    (aligned with the NT/WA Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation hub), a local research capability responsive to industry and regional community needs, supporting indigenous- led primary industry opportunities.
    StatusNot started


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