Scoping Study - Marine and Coastal Threatened Species and Communities (Under NESP 2 MAC UTAS)

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There are numerous species and ecological communities in Australia’s marine and coastal environments that have formal threatened conservation status. Through a process of targeted reviews, expert elicitation and workshops with end-users, domain experts and others, this project will identify and co-design prospective research projects that best deliver information that will notably improve the status of key selected threatened species in Australia’s marine and coastal environment. Outputs will include summaries of workshops outcomes and a set of co-designed research proposals for submission in future Hub annual research plans. This project also provides the platform for MAC Hub contributions to the RL Hub Cross-Hub Mission Project 7.0 on Threatened and Migratory Species and Ecological Communities.
Short titleNESP Marine Threatened Species Scoping
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/08/22


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