Seed biology and understory establishment collaborative research between ERA and Charles Darwin University

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    The Challenge
    The closure of Ranger mine involves rehabilitation of approximately 760 hectares of waste rock covered area and 158 hectares of other disturbed areas. These areas must have all decommissioning works, including revegetation, completed by the 8th of January 2026. This level of revegetation requires a large volume of native seed.

    Project Aim
    To use seeds effectively seed biology research into seed quality is needed into these native plant species. The project will provide seed biology information such as: seed count, seed purity, viability, germinability, and storage life of collected seed lots.

    Project Benefit
    This project will assist the Energy Resources of Australia to make the most efficient use of native seeds and aid the rehabilitation of the Ranger mine site.
    Short titleSeed biology research ERA
    Effective start/end date1/09/1931/12/26


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