Spatial and temporal distribution of Sus scrofa in Northern Territory wetlands

  • Loving, Shandala Cole (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

Project: HDR ProjectPhD

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In Australia, feral pigs are an exotic pest that have severe agricultural, health and environmental impacts. The overall objective of this study is to enhance understanding of feral pig (Sus scrofa) spatial movement in Northern Australian wetlands to advise management actions. There is no unifying management strategy for feral pigs in the Northern Territory, and what is currently known about feral pig ecology is based on studies from over twenty years ago. These studies used short periods of infrequent location fixing to assess feral pig habitat use, but these data do not provide the consistent temporally resolute data required for assessing how individuals behave under differing environmental conditions. This study will deliver quantifiable, standardised and highly resolute spatial information on feral pig movement, and behavioural states in Northern Australian wetlands. This information will provide a basis for managers to assess the relative costs and benefits of actions and determine under what circumstances actions should be applied.
Effective start/end date27/02/17 → …


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