Supporting academic skills of English Language Teacher Education students in Indonesia

Project: HDR ProjectPhD

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The present study designs a technologically enhanced language learning (TELL) support system and learning tools to support academic skills of English Language Teacher Education students in Indonesia in the context of an academic writing subject by drawing on empirical evidence from interdisciplinary research such as neuroscience and perception studies, psychology and semiotics. The learning environment is created to support key processes of primary brain circuits that underpin behaviour and learning. Each of the tools utilised looks at texts from the different sensory systems' perspective to engage brain circuits through intonation, movement, aesthetics, emotions. The tool enables students to assess patterns in their writing by examining the complexity of sentence structure, logical organisation of sentences and paragraphs, balance and rhythm. It is hypothesized that once learners’ visual, auditory, vibrotactile, vestibular, proprioceptive senses are mobilised simultaneously in the learning process, it will facilitate the restructuring of the neural connectivity of the human brain, and thus engender the plastic changes of the brain. This research sets out a structure for a brain-compatible language and literacy learning pedagogy for Indonesian context.
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