Synthesis of nanoemulsions to enhance dermal applications of bioactive compounds available in Australian native plants

  • Saki, Elnaz (Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator A)

Project: HDR ProjectPhD

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Globally there is an upcoming interest in drugs derived from plants sources as well as huge industry development of natural products containing oils and herbs, because of its promising medical benefits with less or no side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs.
However, the great challenge of using crude herbs/plants (various plant parts and exudates) for dermal application as biomedical compounds include low absorption and inability to cross the lipid membranes of the cells resulting in loss of bioavailability and efficacy. Also, the extraction of phytochemicals mostly involves organic solvents that could be expensive and toxic for both human and environment.
My PhD project aims to identify an alternative way to administering two Australian native plants found in the Northern Territory with the prospect of increasing the efficiency of probable biomedical properties by green synthesizing nanoemulsion (NE) from their oils and water extracts.
As a result, different nanoemulsions are synthesized by varying the composition of the lipophilic phase which is a combination of non-ionic surfactants (different types of Tween), and oil extract and the hydrophilic phase, the plant water extract. For optimization of NE, droplet size, polydispersity index, and zeta potential are measured. The optimized formulations are subjected to thermodynamic stability study to get the most stable nanoemulsions.
Optimization of conditions for the synthesis of NE is in progress and the results will be presented.
Effective start/end date7/01/18 → …