Teaching and learning resources for endangered Yolŋu languages

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Yolŋu language authorities recognise over 20 Yolŋu languages, the majority of which are seldom spoken and in danger of dying out. This project will develop resources for an open source extensible mobile-friendly web app for teaching and learning some of these languages, and capacity to include more.
This project will engage Yolŋu researchers in negotiation with their clan elders to prepare learning materials, including texts and audio recordings of several hundred words and sentences, configured into paradigms, searchable examples, and tests, which can be imported into an online resource. Because Yolŋu languages share many sounds, spelling and grammatical structures but differ greatly in their vocabulary, a carefully-designed app will allow many different languages to be included. A reference book will also be produced for each language.
Effective start/end date2/11/2030/09/24


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