The development of scientific capability in freshwater ecology and the use of new technologies in natural resource management in northern Australia

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    This project will support the development of capability in freshwater ecology and natural resource management in northern Australia by establishing four postdoctoral fellowships. Three of these postdoctoral positions have been identified to improve our capacity to understand impacts of changes in water availability and flow regime change associated with water resource development. The forth position seeks to develop a multiple evidence approach for Indigenous natural resource management decision making in northern Australia. The freshwater ecology projects include new science development across three broad ecological domains including floodplain and riparian vegetation, wetland condition and biodiversity, and predicting the resilience of riverine biodiversity. The forth project supports the development of next generation natural resource assessment technologies through cybernetics and data analytics. All projects focus on improving our ability to assess and predict impacts of natural resource management decisions in northern Australia.
    Effective start/end date26/04/2230/06/25


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