The Role of Mangroves and their Potential to Support Gendered Food and Nutrition Security in Indonesia

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This project will be the first detailed study examining the link between mangroves as food systems and household micro/macronutrient consumption, dietary diversity and food and nutrition security (FNS). The research will take place in mangrove-dependent communities living in and around the rivers, deltas and open oceans of Kubu Raya District. There will be three main methods to examine, evaluate and quantify the contribution of aquatic foods (finfish, shellfish, invertebrates) sourced from mangroves to household FNS. The first will focus on mapping the socio-cultural food systems, context, and seasonal availability of mangrove species. We will measure the role of mangrove livelihoods such as fishing and gleaning in contributing to household food expenditure, income, and FNS. Through measuring livelihoods, we hope to evaluate the indirect FNS benefits derived from mangrove utilisation. Lastly, we will use dietary assessment tools to quantify the nutrient contribution that aquatic foods make to mangrove fisher's household nutritional requirements. The research will generate extensive data into the role of mangroves as a local/traditional food system. Raising the profile of the need for integrated policies and the extent to which coastal communities depend on mangrove food services in Indonesia. This research will contribute to the agenda in Indonesia and globally to understand the role of nutrition-sensitive aquatic food systems and the communities and fishers that depend on them. It will also aim to fill this knowledge gap, examining mangrove food services and their contribution to food and nutrition security from a gendered perspective, and will provide a unique viewpoint into subsistence food systems and their potential to boost nutrition in marginalised groups within rural coastal communities in Indonesia.
Short titleNutrition-Sensitive Food Systems
Effective start/end date13/04/2330/06/25


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