Transferring Australian Savanna Fire Management Technologies to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste

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The research services referred to in this agreement refer to Grant Agreement ICCE0116FY21-22/ISFMI (the Grant), between ISFMI Pty Ltd and DFAT. The purpose of the Grant is to prepare a team and develop project Concept Notes for agreed grant applications to the Global Climate Fund (GCF). The project will involve partners in Timor-Leste (TL), and Western Province, Papua New Guinea, and potentially the Province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), Indonesia. The output of the Grant will be contributions to applications to the GCF for longer-term grants to investigate opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through integrated traditional and scientific fire management activities, separately for PNG and TL (and possibly NTT), led by ISFMI Pty Ltd. The application will draw on the existing technical, cultural, and biophysical knowledge of CDU staff and project partners in the three participating countries. It will also draw on specialist technical knowledge and existing methodologies developed in northern Australia for the monitoring, verification and reporting of fire-related emissions and emissions reduction applications. The research services provided by CDU staff will focus on activities in Timor-Leste and PNG. The research services to be provided include:
1. Attending and contributing to research planning and development meetings, in Australia and in partner countries;
2. Identification of, and liaison with, key research stakeholders in Australia and partner countries;
3. Assistance with developing communications between the Client (ISFMI Pty Ltd) and partners in participating countries;
4. Identifying, accessing and reviewing literature to support research planning;
5. Sharing existing fire and emissions reduction knowledge and information resources, related to the research and research planning;
6. Preparation of reports arising from meetings, literature searchers and site visits;
7. Contributions towards the preparation of two Concept Note outputs, specifically for new GCF projects addressing emissions reduction and related activities for Timor-Leste and PNG; and
8. Administration and financial services to support the implementation of activities outlined in this Research Agreement.
Effective start/end date13/01/2322/12/23


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