UTas NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub - Project Agreement A12 - Migratory Marine Species

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    The National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) Marine Biodiversity Hub Northern Seascapes project is a collaborative partnership of multiple institutions and agencies aiming to improve the information base for decision-making on proposed activities which could impact Northern Australia’s marine species.

    Northern Australia is home is a diversity of data-poor marine species. In the absence of critical data on species’ distributions, population connectivity, and essential habitat, decision-making to progress the current ‘Developing the North’ agenda has the potential to negatively impact Matters of National Environmental Significance. Following the situational report of the Northern Seascapes Scoping Project (Phase 1 of the project), which highlighted where gaps in knowledge are limiting the ability to understand the potential impacts of future development, the Northern Seascapes Project Phase 2 comprises three themes: (1) modelling and mapping threatened and migratory marine species distributions; (2) assessing population connectivity and potential breeding aggregations for key threatened species, and, (3) examining interactions between threatened species and pressures.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/20


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