Building family and community resilience in Cardinia growth corridor: A case study of Officer

Margaret Lynn, Devaki Monani

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This project commenced with a request to Monash University from Windermere
Child and Family Services to assist with research to develop a response to growth corridor human service demands, so as to examine and develop ways of establishing relationships with the new community that are proactive, capacity building and therefore less reliant on intensive services. Partnering relationships were broadened to include the Cardinia Shire Council, with strong links to other local and state organisations (Please refer to acknowledgments section). Philanthropic funds were obtained for two years to undertake this research. A part-time researcher was appointed, a literature review undertaken, and a relationship-building and asset-mapping process was commenced.

The focus of the project is Officer, situated 50 km from Melbourne, and located within Cardinia Shire Council, a region which has one of Australia’s fastest growing populations, with one third of its residents under 20 years of age (Cardinia Shire Council 2008). The old rural town and district of Officer is currently undergoing rapid change; its current population of 1000 is estimated to expand to around 40,000 by 2030 (id consulting pty ltd 2010).

The project aimed to help all ‘stakeholders’ build an understanding of the needs and issues facing this growth corridor area, especially Officer, and to recommend on strategies that will eventually assist in the development of a wellresourced, socially connected, resilient and capable growth corridor community.

More than sixty interviews were conducted with local and regional organisational
representatives and existing Officer residents, providing information, observations and organisational and community perspectives on the community and encouraging early access to services and support structures in the expanding township of Officer. A small number of newly arrived residents in the first housing estate to be developed in Officer, by AV Jennings, were also interviewed to obtain an understanding of their motivation for moving and their expectations of their new community.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages49
Publication statusPublished - 2010
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