Catalogue of the Australian eumeninae (hymenoptera: Vespidae)

James M. Carpenter, Graham R. Brown

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    A catalogue of Eumeninae occurring in Australia is presented. The genus Lissodynerus Giordani Soika is synonymized with Pararrhynchium de Saussure. Species placed in the genus Pseudepipona de Saussure, by Giordani Soika and Borsato are transferred to Euodynerus Dalla Torre, and species placed in the genus Syneuodynerus Blüthgen, by Giordani Soika are transferred to Stenodyneriellus Giordani Soika. New combinations are Anterhynchium decoratum (de Saussure), A. tamarinum inviolatum (Giordani Soika), Australodynerus flavoniger (Giordani Soika), Deuterodiscoelius confusus (Giordani Soika), D. ephippium (de Saussure), D. insignis (de Saussure), D. spinosus (de Saussure), Euodynerus aborigenus (Borsato), E. alaris (de Saussure), E. angulatus alexandriae (Giordani Soika), E. angulatus angulatus (de Saussure), E. aspra (Giordani Soika), E. clypalaris (Giordani Soika), E. flavus (Giordani Soika), E. pallidus (Giordani Soika), E. succinctus purgatus (Giordani Soika), E. succinctus succinctus (de Saussure), Pararrhynchium desaussurei (Borsato), P. kurandensis (Giordani Soika), Pseudalastor aurantiacus (Borsato), P. pecularis (Borsato), Stenodyneriellus aurantiacus (Giordani Soika), S. aurantiopilosella (Giordani Soika), S. cylindrellus (Giordani Soika), S. longebispinosa (Giordani Soika) and S. occidentatus (Giordani Soika). Revised combinations are Australodynerus yanchepensis nigrithorax Giordani Soika and A. yanchepensis yanchepensis Giordani Soika, which are returned to that genus. Other new synonymies are Anterhynchium tamarinum septentrionale Giordani Soika = Anterhynchium tamarinum tamarinum (de Saussure), Ischnocoelia robusta analis Giordani Soika = I. robusta robusta (Meade-Waldo), Pseudabispa bicolor flavescentula (Giordani Soika) = P. bicolor bicolor (de Saussure), Pseudalastor tridentatus septentrionalis Giordani Soika = P. tridentatus tridentatus Giordani Soika and Rhynchium australense Perkins = R. magnificum Smith.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1-68
    Number of pages68
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 26 Jan 2021


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