Investing in Indigenous Natural Resource Management

M. K. Luckert, Bruce Campbell, Julian Gorman, Stephen Garnett

    Research output: Book/ReportEdited Book


    “The purpose of this book is to assess the case for investing in Indigenous Natural Resource Management in the savanna regions of the Northern Territory. We begin by outlining a number of the issues associated with Indigenous NRM in the Northern Territory management of fire, threatened species, feral animals, weeds, water, coastal resources, bio-security, tourism, employment, knowledge and health. Overall Indigenous NRM is a keystone policy area worthy of public attention and support. There is evidence that participation in Indigenous NRM has widespread benefits for Indigenous wellbeing, even though rigorous empirical analysis is lacking. Nevertheless there are strong arguments that the judicious provision of significant new resources can be justified for investment in Indigenous NRM, combined with the research to determine whether the investment does indeed deliver the anticipated social and environmental return.”--
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    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationDarwin
    PublisherCharles Darwin University Press
    Number of pages119
    ISBN (Print)9780980384642
    Publication statusPublished - 2007


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