Performance evaluation of e-government services using balanced scorecard: An empirical study in Jordan

Salah Alhyari, Moutaz Alazab, Sitalakshmi Venkatraman, Mamoun Alazab, Ammar Alazab

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to emphasise on a balance between quantitative and qualitative measures, and examine the use of Balanced Scorecard to evaluate and estimate the performance of information and communication technologies (ICT) in delivering valuable e-government services through the internet. 

Design/methodology/approach: This study tests the hypotheses of e-government effectiveness using Balanced Scorecard technique by incorporating qualitative measures within a quantitative research methodology with data collected by means of a survey questionnaire. The survey sample of 383 stakeholders includes common customers, employees of e-government, and employees from the IT sector. The survey data were analysed to test the hypothesis in measuring e-government effectiveness from Balanced Scorecard's four dimensions: customer perspective, financial perspective, internal business process perspective, and innovation and learning perspective. 

Findings: The results show that the Balanced Scorecard factors fit very well with monitoring and measuring the performance of e-government in Jordan, and also in evaluating their success in IT project investments. 

Originality/value: This study attempts to address this gap in the literature and would benefit future studies in applying Balanced Scorecard for performance evaluation of various IT projects that are gaining huge investments from governments and organisations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)512-536
Number of pages25
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2013
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