Scholarships to attract International Students

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Scholarships have long been established as a key marketing tool to attract talented international students to countries, states or education institutions. Australian governments and institutions currently annually contribute over $500m in scholarships to attract and support international students in Australia.This report provides an overview of the scholarships provided by Australian States and Territories, the federal government, education sectors and institutions to consider how scholarships might be useful to the Northern Territory in helping increase its profile as a destination of choice for international students.The report highlights the importance of scholarships and the increasing integration of scholarship programs as a component of marketing plans seeking to attract international students. While only a few state scholarship initiatives exist at this stage, a number of current state international education strategies identify scholarships as an area they will seek to develop.The primary focus of many scholarship programs are postgraduate research students as institutions, states and countries globally compete for talented individuals that can contribute to their R & D and economic development. Undergraduate scholarships are becoming more common for institutions and specific study programs often in the form of one off fixed amount scholarships as an incentive to start education in Australia. An effective communications strategy that promotes the scholarship program is an integral and important component to ensure maximum impact. The primary aim is to attract students to the brand and location, such that they consider the NT irrespective of if they get a scholarship.A scholarship program specific for the Northern Territory would help put it on the map and encourage international students to consider it as a study destination. It would build awareness of the NT not just for education opportunities, but in distinct areas of research and industry excellence.This report shows that scholarships are an important part of the attraction and support for international students in Australia, through both government and institutional initiatives.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationDarwin, Australia
PublisherCharles Darwin University
Number of pages41
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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