Status of shorebirds on Flores island, Wallacea, Indonesia, and identification of key sites

Mark Schellekens, Colin R. Trainor

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    The shorebirds of most Wallacean islands, including Flores (13,540 km2), are poorly-known. We document new information on the status of shorebirds on Flores from more than 611 visits to 37 sites during 2000-2013, and review records from a total of 55 sites. Forty-two shorebird species have been recorded on Flores: five resident breeding species (e.g. Comb-crested Jacana Irediparra gallinacea and Javan Plover Charadrius javanicus), one probable breeding-visitor (Greater Painted-snipe Rostratula benghalensis), 33 Palearctic non-breeding visitor, one Nearctic vagrant, and two Austral non-breeding visitors (Australian Pratincole Stiltia isabella and Masked Lapwing Vanellus miles). The Greater Painted-snipe is the only species that has not been recorded during the past 40 years. Coastal wetland sites are relatively small (<1,000 ha) and lack extensive intertidal mudflats. Maximum total counts of migratory shorebirds were low (<500-1,000 birds) with only four migrant shorebirds counts of >100 individuals. Most Palearctic migrants were rare, with 19 of 33 species recorded on fewer than 10 occasions/days. The Labuan Bajo area (22 migratory shorebirds) and Maumere Bay (28 migratory shorebirds) are at least nationally significant sites for shorebirds. Other interesting results were the: (1) presence of Javan Plover at Labuan Bajo which may regularly hold more than 1% of the global population; (2) the rarity of Red-necked Stint Calidris ruficollis, Curlew Sandpiper C. ferruginea, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper C. acuminata and Australian Pratincole, which occur frequently, and in substantially larger numbers, on nearby Timor Island; and (3) the absence of several migrant shorebirds which apparently overfly Flores (e.g. Black-tailed Godwit Limosa limosa and Red Knot Calidris canutus). We also make suggestions for further field surveys.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)20-36
    Number of pages17
    Issue number69-70
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2016


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