The Moonlight Effect: Debunking Business Myths to Improve Wellbeing

Simon Moss, John Callanan, Samuel G. Wilson

    Research output: Book/ReportBook


    The moonlight effect is the inclination of people to overrate the wisdom and insight of leaders an do other senior figures. Because of this moonlight effect organizations implement many practices that increase expenses but damage progress and wellbeing. The Moonlight Effect: Debunking Business Myths to Improve Wellbeing explains the proliferation of many ineffective policies and problems that pervade our society: exorbitant levels of executive pay, the unappreciated complications of retrenchments, inadequate social welfare, unfair appraisals of performance at school and at work, unsubstantiated fads in leadership develop­ment, destructive advertising practices, the treacherous pursuit of the perfect appearance, and many other issues.

    The moonlight effect does not only explain many futile practices, but also increases each of the expenses on a profit and loss statement. Each chapter focuses on one expense: bonuses, wages, health expenses, office supplies, energy expenses, borrowing expenses, consulting fees, legal fees, recruitment fees, marketing costs, and rental expenses. Furthermore, each chapter presents solutions that could be implemented to reduce these expenses and to improve performance simultaneously.

    Key features:

    Focuses on the workplace consequences as well as on the causes of inequality, and puts forward possible solutions.
    Offers many unique suggestions on how to both curb expenses in organizations while simultaneously improving wellbeing and progress.
    Explains the source of many inequalities and injustices in society.
    Provides evidence that many detested practices, such as exorbitant salaries and the obsession with appearance, are indeed harmful to organizations and to society.
    Includes many surprising discoveries that will contradict the assumptions of many conservative commentators and ‘shock jocks’.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationPrahran, Vic Australia
    PublisherTilde University Press
    Number of pages199
    ISBN (Print)9780734611024
    Publication statusPublished - 2012


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