The Virtual University: Moving from Fiction to Fact

Michael Sankey, Henk Huijser, Rachel Fitzgerald

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    As the online component of university business continues to increase, particularly in the area of learning and teaching, the “virtual learning environment” has become as important as the “physical learning environment.” This was clearly demonstrated over recent years, as was the imperative that as much care, if not more, is taken in how the virtual environment looks, feels, and responds to students and staff. It is evident that many institutions are seeing this as not just a means by which they can better support their current students, but as a way to value add and expand their reach. In the current higher education environment, the ability to provide an equivalence of experience in the online space makes the value proposition of the virtual university very attractive.

    This chapter provides a window into the wealth of information that, when deliciously applied, may lay a solid foundation for the creation of an enduring virtual university, one that is both desirable and productive. Like all good building project, this process starts by first laying a solid foundation. In the case of an entity like a virtual university, this means providing a clear consistent policy and governance framework that, when established, provides an alignment to the vision and strategic plan and has its roots firmly laid in quality ground. As we work our way through the concepts contained within this volume, it is hoped that a picture will start to form that points to not just the validity of the virtual university, but also the limitless opportunities it may provide.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationTechnology-Enhanced Learning and the Virtual University
    PublisherSpringer Singapore
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    Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 26 Jul 2023

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