Triple capital of a firm

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Three types of capital determine the value of a firm: accounting, intellectual and emotional. The extent each type of capital impacts on the value of the firm can differ from firm to firm, but in knowledge-driven economy it tends to be mostly non-accounting capital. The firm needs to identify the relative importance of each type of capital. Also, that some attributes comprising a given capital, can drive the value more than others, and core driver is not always an asset in a given type of capital. Therefore, this conceptual paper argues that firms should identify the extent that each type of capital drives the value of the firm and they should identify the attributes of each type of capital. Further, although each type of capital requires a different approach to increase the value of firms, firms should manage all three types of capital (triple capital) in an integrated fashion since they are interactive and inter-related, to maximise the wealth of the firm. The paper also identified that further research is necessary to understand the extent each type of capital determine the value of a firm.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2003
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