Amidst the mangroves & metropolis

  • Anna Christine Reynolds

    Student thesis: Other thesis - CDU


    In Part One, entitled INTRIGUED BY MUD, CREATIVITY AND WHAT IS BEING BUILT, I identify key areas of interest that inform my practice. I offer a brief overview of the history of Darwin and its environment. I link consumerism and architecture to the landfill rich real estate opportunities and the receding mangal forest, more commonly known as the mangroves, in Darwinʼs harbour. I navigate through my personal inspiration derived from individual examples of Indigenous, contemporary, and landscape art - some because they are technically exquisite and some because they reflect the positioning of subject and procedures in my project. Moreover, I examine aspects of photographic process and history that locate my practice within context. In Part Two, I PONDER - I RESPOND, I describe my practice, the autobiographical elements behind it, and how that dictates the technical and aesthetic aspects of this work. Essentially this Honours project is driven from a previous life where I lived and worked in a perpetual state of 'in the moment'. Once Bohemian and free, I am now left with memories and old photos of this time. I approached this project from confined and structured precincts. Previously barefoot, I am now in orthopaedic shoes; once analogue, I now use digital; formerly homeless, I am now a rate payer and mortgaged. It is a realisation of these changes in myself that draws me to Darwin's evolution. In Part Three entitled EXHIBITION, I elaborate on the ʻinstalledʼ exhibition. I walk you, the audience, through three distinct exhibiting spaces and the reason why I selected these related presentations of my work. I discuss individual works from each exhibiting space and the commonality and difference they share. I describe the professional activities I undertook to expand on my practice, and myself as an artist. Finally, I conclude with a review and reflection of the project in its entirety. I synthesise key areas of inspiration with my use of materials and technologies. Ultimately, my subject matter was a nostalgic commingling of time and place. Lastly I expand how the final outcome of the project has given me a direction for future creativity.
    Date of AwardOct 2009
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorAndrea Ash (Supervisor)

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