An evaluation of the 1997 Arafura Games
: May 10-17 Darwin, Australia

  • Richard Somerset Cotta
  • Jason Kin Min Lee

    Student thesis: Coursework Masters - CDU


    The topic for this dissertation is the evaluation of the 1997 Arafura Games which were held in Darwin during 10-17 May. The evaluation of the Games was requested by the Major Events team of the Department of Sports and Recreation and was approved by the Faculty of Business, Northern Territory University (NTU) as an Applied Project.

    The objectives of this dissertation are to:
    • Fulfill our obligations to the NTU Faculty of Business by providing a dissertation report on the evaluation of the Arafura Games.
    • Fulfill our obligations to the Organising Team by providing them with the two reports as outlined later.
    • Evaluate the Arafura Games based on the components and target groups requested by the Organising Team and agreed to us as set out in the terms of reference.
    • Evaluate the success and failure of the Arafura Games based on the objectives of the Games.

    The evaluation was to incorporate the three stages of the Games, namely: pre-Games planning phase, the Games itself, and the post-Games review. The major issues of concern arising from the evaluation and therefore in need of more attention and follow-up in the planning of the future Arafura Games are:

    • Budget
    • Ceremonies: Opening ceremony and Closing party.
    • Transport
    • Registration Database System
    Date of AwardJul 1997
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorRajeev Datt Sharma (Supervisor)

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