An evaluation of the effectiveness of an ESL reading program for both Aboriginal and NESB early childhood students in a Darwin urban primary school

  • Noreen Therese Trouw

    Student thesis: Coursework Masters - CDU


    This thesis is an evaluation of an Early Childhood language program designed to assist ESL children in a withdrawal class at a Darwin primary school. the children came from a variety of cultural backgrounds including Aboriginal, Asian and European so it was necessary to devise a program that was inclusive of the needs of all these ESL children.

    Various reading tests were administered to the children both before and after one school year. these results, along with observations by the classroom and ESL teachers, showed significant improvement in the ESL children's academic and social development.

    Through videotape analysis the researcher was able to determine three main categories of teaching strategies being used in the ESL withdrawal class: Scaffolding, Interpersonal Relationships and Adopting the Sub-culture of Western Schooling. This thesis shows that these three strategies are very much inter-related and work towards the children beginning to take successful responsibility for their own learning.
    Date of AwardAug 1994
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorMerridy Malin (Supervisor)

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