Comparative study of special economic zones between China and Singapore
: special reference on foreign investment

  • Hong Yi Liu

    Student thesis: Coursework Masters - CDU


    In the context of global economic development, the success of newly industrialized Singapore provides a good example for developing countries.

    This dissertation, first reviews the development of Singapore's industrialization, and its success in attracting foreign investment and establishing its own export-oriented economy, and secondly compares this with the situation of China's SEZs. It explores the problems experienced by Singapore as part of its industrialization program and provides a series of recommendations designed to facilitate the development of China's SEZs.

    These recommendations are:
    (1) Industrial structure - The revise of current industrial structures from that of a labor and capital intensive stage to a high-tech, information intensive stage.
    (2) Market - The global competitive strategy.
    (3) Product structure- High-tech, high standard and high value-added product strategy.
    (4) Management - Focus on economic efficiency instead of speed and scale.
    (5) Investment environment - Not only the construction of efficient infrastructure but also improved policies and regulations.
    Date of AwardFeb 1997
    Original languageEnglish

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