Descent into disorder
: the role of ethnicity in ethnic rebellion, Burma 1885-1962

  • Gloria Joy Nader Mcquillan

    Student thesis: Other thesis - CDU


    This thesis will explore the factors which led to the phenomenon of ethnic separatism in the Union of Burma between independence in 1948 and the military takeover by General Ne Win in 1962. The Red Flag Communist (also known as the Burma Communist Party or BCP) rebellion under Thakin Soe and the Communist Party of Burma (CPB or White Flags) rebellion will not be the subject of analysis for the purpose of this paper, but will be referred to, since Burma was beset with rebellion from these groups as well as the from ethnic insurgents throughout the period in question. The state almost disintegrated through the combined assaults of multiple rebellions from its very beginning. The thesis will discuss what "ethnic rebellions" are, why they broke out and why ethnic rebellion became the endemic and debilitating status quo.

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    Date of Award1993
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorPaul Webb (Supervisor)

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