Design and development of a digital signal processor based motor controller for a permanent magnet brushless DC motor

  • Rafal Rohoza

    Student thesis: Masters by Research - CDU


    This thesis details the design and development of a digitally based brushless DCmotor controller for an electric scooter application. Employed in the controller is aDigital Signal Processor that provides both intelligence and flexibility.

    Introduced is a simplified approach to estimating the bus capacitor ripple currentrequirement. The method is firstly derived, and then verified through simulations and* laboratory experiments.

    Also introduced is a novel method to secure the switching devices within thecontroller to the heat exchange unit using their current carrying copper busbars.Reduction in construction complexity, ease of manufacture and other benefitsregarding this mounting technique are discussed.

    A thermal management system is detailed that provides the motor controller with ameans of protecting the motor from excessive temperatures with minimalinconvenience to the end user. In addition, a simplified method to thermally model anelectric motor is developed, simulated and tested.

    Finally conclusions are drawn regarding the goals achieved and future work isrecommended to improve upon various technical aspects of the controller.

     Note: Permission to digitise thesis not granted. Print copy held at Casuarina Campus Library. Ref. No. SC T 2005 ROHO. Ask Library Service desk staff to view.
    Date of AwardMar 2005
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorDean J. Patterson (Supervisor) & Jai Singh (Supervisor)

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