Develop & implement a strategic plan for Carpentaria Community Services

  • Louise Mckenna
  • Greg Dawkins
  • Norm Cramp

    Student thesis: Coursework Masters - CDU


    This dissertation paper deals with the development and limited implementation of a Strategic Plan for Carpentaria Community Services (CCS). CCS being a non profit, community service organisation based at Tiwi in Darwin's northern suburbs.

    The process associated with the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan, and the chosen components of the Plan, included:

    • The investigation and evaluation of the organisation and its current situation within the particular business/industry environment.
    • The development of a SWOT Analysis as a result of those investigations and evaluations.
    • The identification of the organisation's core responsibilities.
    • A review of relevant literature on the various component subjects.
    • The rationale and methodology associated with the practical application of training programmes, database design, development and introduction, management of change and product identification.
    • Staff and leadership surveys as a means of identifying management and leadership styles, training needs assessment and problems within the organisation.
    • The development of a dedicated "Operator Manual" for CCS's database.

    As an addendum to the paper, the Dissertation Team has also included a booklet covering the development and dynamic interaction of the team members throughout the duration of the study. This booklet is presented under a separate cover, but as an integral part of the Dissertation paper. A section of this booklet is dedicated to the personal action learnings of the Team members as a result of undertaking the MIM Course and this study in particular.

    The paper includes an overview of achieved outcomes, recommendations and conclusions. Significant among these topics are the achieved outcomes which have been developed and incorporated into the workplace as practical strategies for CCS.
    Date of AwardJul 1996
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorRodney Dean Salzman (Supervisor)

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