Forgetfulness & thunder
: nostalgia and the landscape

  • David Russell Lemay

    Student thesis: Masters by Research - CDU


    This thesis aims to describe the interpretive processes involved in visual experience, art practice and the writing of this thesis. In doing so, it considers the idea that such interpretive processes necessarily become allegorical due to the conjunction of biographical and metaphorical narrative, and that installation as a form of artifice expresses certain attributes of these allegorical traits.

    The scope of my research has been to discuss the following: Carter's (1992) ideas concerning 'spatial history' and 'migrant aesthetics', Barthes' (1985) ideas concerning marks and gestures in the works of Cy Twombly, Clifford's (1974) ideas concerning the transformation of allegory, and my art practice in mixed media, which incorporates mark-making, photography, digital media and installation.

    I take into consideration my status as a migrant, both as an immigrant to Australia and the Northern Territory, and also in terms of the proposition that the modern world makes migrants of us all.

    I conclude that the position of exile is a characteristic of the artist determined through an allegorical interpretation of the themes dramatized in their work.
    Date of AwardNov 2002
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorAnne Ooms (Supervisor)

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