Germination characteristics of four native pasture grasses of the Northern Territory

  • Ann Maree Hopkins

    Student thesis: Other thesis - CDU


    The germination characteristics of the following four Northern Territory native pasture grasses was investigated; Astrebla elymoides F. Muell. ex F.M. Bail., A. pectinata (Lindi.) F. Muell. ex Benth., A. squarrosa C.E. Hubb. and Panicum decompositum R.Br ..

    Fresh seeds had high (80%) germinability. After 12 months germinability had decreased to virtually zero, although viability was high (60-90%), indicating secondary dormancy. Light and dark affected germination in each Astrebla spp. differentially; germination in A. elymoides was enhanced by light, germination in A. squarrosa was reduced by light and germination in A.pectinata was not affected by light.

    Stratification was ineffective in improving germination while the application of dry heat for one month increased germination, but longer exposure was detrimental to germination. Germination was maximal at alternating temperatures of 30/20°C while no germination of any species occurred at constant temperatures of 10°C and 50°C and A. elymoides failed to germinate at 20°C. The alternating temperature regimes resulted in a wider temperature range for germination compared with constant temperatures. 

    Date of Award1996
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorSharon Chirgwin (Supervisor) & Bronwyn Myers (Supervisor)

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