History of the prevocational trade based course
: Darwin Community College to Institute of TAFE

  • Neville William Driver

    Student thesis: Other thesis - CDU


    To afford justice to the paper, History of the Prevocational Trade Based Course: Darwin Community College to Institute of T AFE, it is necessary to establish how the course came to eventuate. The paper looks briefly at the planning and development of the DCC and highlights the major changes as it moved through to the DIT era and to the present, Institute of TAFE.

    The developments of the course and its origin have been outlined from the failure of the school system to prepare properly students for Apprenticeships and careers in trades. The paper has looked at several main themes which have been promulgated through out. The themes are, the curriculum, development and changes from 1982 to date, student population in the course and funding for the course, operation, staffing and considerations of management.

    This paper does not seek to explain, analysis or offer opinions as to why certain decisions/directions where taken, but merely details the history of the course. This paper, will in places leave the reader somewhat up in the air with regards to details. Various course administrators, early in the history of the course have not detailed accurately the activities that occurred at the time.

    The data for this paper has been collected from several sources including current files, Archival Files, discussion/interviews with past and present course coordinator, handbooks and the current management who administer the course.

    The paper concludes by speculating on the direction of the course and which way it might proceed in the future, given the new authority in the NT, changes within TAFE, government direction and policy and staffing for the 21st Century-Phase One.

    Date of Award1992
    Original languageEnglish

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