Investigation of soybean oleic acid in water micro-emulsions

  • Chun Wang

Student thesis: Coursework Masters - CDU


There has been an increasing emphasis on “green” technologies in the past decade. This has resulted in interest in the use of eco-friendly chemicals in the production of O/W micro-emulsions. The common micro-emulsions normally contain
environmentally harmful ingredients. To solve this problem, Tween 20 and soybean oleic acid, which are harmless and economical, was chosen to prepare a green micro-emulsion. The purpose of this research was to prepare and characterize an
eco-friendly, thermodynamically and kinetically stable O/W blank micro-emulsion with soybean oleic acid, Tween 20 and anhydrous ethanol as oil, surfactant and co-surfactant respectively. The O/W zone in pseudo-ternary diagram of micro-emulsion was determined through measuring the conductivity of samples with variable water content. The performance of MEs under different surfactant, composition and temperature was studied. The results from this study identified the
operating condition and recipe for preparing stable O/W micro-emulsions. The distribution of micro-emulsion structure in pseudo ternary phase diagrams was investigated. This can be useful to instruct people to produce O/W micro-emulsion using Soybean Oleic Oil, Tween 20 and absolute ethanol

NOTE: Restricted
Date of AwardJun 2017
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSuresh Thennadil (Supervisor) & Luis Herrera Diaz (Supervisor)

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