Market forces
: a case study of contemporary art practice in Indonesia

  • Yuliana Kusumastuti

    Student thesis: Masters by Research - CDU


    This study focuses on the development of the visual art market that emerged concurrently with the new nation state of Indonesia. The emergence of former colonies to independent nation states is generally marked by cataclysmic events and Indonesia is no exception to this rule. From an Indonesian perspective there is general agreement that this period of dramatic change from 1945 to the present can be divided into three periods. First, the Old Order of Sukarno (1945-1966). Second, the New Order of Suharto (1966-1998). Third, the Reformation that covers the economic crisis of 1998 and the political changes up to the current period.

    This thesis describes the role of the individuals and institutions that have shaped the Indonesian art market within each period: art schools, galleries and museums, auction houses, collectors, kolekdol (art dealers), critics, curators and artists. The primary focus of the study is the period commencing in 1987 when the Indonesian visual art market boomed.
    Date of AwardNov 2006
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorSylvia Kleinert (Supervisor) & Chris White (Supervisor)

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