On the SCENT of intelligence-led policing
: nudging the boundaries of policing new territory from a sociological 'balanced humanity', Christian action research (CAR) perspective

  • Jennifer Anne Smith

    Student thesis: Professional Doctorate - CDU


    What I call SCENT-intelligence-led policing, is about detecting, apprehending and helping-correcting ourselves first so we can then help others help themselves (if people want-choose to be helpable). The notion of ‘others’ in this thesis is the organisation or workplace within which people interact. The notion of S.C.E.N.T postures spiritual, cultural, emotional, networking (social) and traditional intelligences or ways in which we come to know and understand ourselves, our world and form views. Symbiotically these intelligences are not new, but synergistically and figuratively they are new as a ‘SCENT-full’ way of smelling personal-self and organisational aromas or fragrances.

    Action Research is the principal architecture used in this thesis to delve beyond organisational superficiality into the depths of diagnosing and solving work-related problems. The action research environment in which this thesis is positioned is helping police, police themselves and their work organisation (and to some degree the crime environment in which they work). Police are therefore co-researchers/ research participants/co-subjects. In this doctoral project, organisational puzzles were solved but deeper problems were not solved or perhaps it is more accurate to suggest the problems were-are unsolvable by people. Consequently, this thesis mainly constructs an ideographic research framework for shifting and transcending human-related problems to a place or space of healing for GOD (the Holy Trinity) to solve in cooperative partnership with us, people made in His image.

    What I bring to this so-journey or temporary sojourn-ey is my Christianity in the form of a new and intimate dimension of action research which I call Christian Action Research or CAR and the use of parabolic (Bible-embedded) storytelling to amplify sociologically, the ontology (being), epistemology (knowing) and nature of human nature and humanity. I seek to float my nascent notion of Balanced Humanity in an endeavour to immerse anti-positivist and positivist sociological thought into a sea of calm, mutually reflective discourse and to build a bridge for exploring ontological-epistemological diversity.

    The thesis shapes how research phenomena (interwoven data) are engaged in ‘first and second person’ research and harnessed, fertilised, harvested, sorted and re-woven using reconstructed or what I call ‘new generation and depositional’ grounded theory methodological sense-making.

    Each chapter is a stand-alone and interwoven storyline of my learning journey as the Chief Action Researcher or CAR-er (pronounced carer)/co-subject walking arm-in-arm with police co-subjects as Co-Action Researchers (also CAR-ers). Because of my writing style and presentation of research findings, I offer the following Prologue-Epilogue Exegesis as a plain English statement of what informed my research journey and intervention choices.

    In its entirety, the thesis sketches my Christian journey of discovering who the Holy Trinity (GOD, I AM WHO I AM) is in me, lovingly engrafted in my spirit-soul-body - helping me in my ‘police widow’ so-journey and temporary sojourn-ey of earthly life. The thesis also explores why and how ‘I am who I am’, gratefully engrafted in my one and only personal Saviour Jesus Christ. Because Jesus God the Son so completes me - for without Him I am nothing, in one way, this thesis pens doxological ‘love letters’ between my beautiful Lord and myself.
    Date of AwardMay 2008
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorMurray Keith Redman (Supervisor)

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