Overcoming anxiety
: the use of the global simulation technique in the teaching of French to adults

  • Christiane Simone Conesa Bostock

    Student thesis: Professional Doctorate - CDU


    In chapter one, I establish that the aim of this thesis is to evaluate the use of the Global Simulation technique to overcome anxiety in adult students when communicating orally. In chapter two, I examine the challenge of adult learning and teaching in general and the effect of ageing on the learning process as well as some approaches in the psychology of adult learning. Chapter three is dedicated to an examination of language teaching methodologies with the view to choosing the most adequate method of teaching adults facing anxiety problems in oral communication. Chapter four aims at defining anxiety and its effects on communication whilst chapter five offers some therapies and educational techniques to overcome communication apprehension. Chapter six is dedicated to the introduction of games, simulations, role-plays and Global Simulation in educational spheres with an assessment of their validity. Chapter seven is a case study in Global Simulation and brings together the findings of an actual Global Simulation which took place in August 1998 at the Grange.
    Date of AwardOct 1999
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorDarol Cavanagh (Supervisor)

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