Plans for world domination
: art to textile

  • Anna Christine Reynolds

    Student thesis: Masters by Research - CDU


    Plans for World Domination presents a visual matrix of relational and creative propositions that position the Digital Frontier as a mythical mindset rendered in the whimsical code of Dada-Data, whilst mapping an emerging environment, culture and community through the creative comingling of textile and computer. The code is imagined as a tactile and pictorial fragmentation of key characters, icons, symbols and index that interrelate within the actions of Travel, Community and Textile, functioning as prosumers in relational narratives of the Information Age. The artist’s interest in philosophical and global perspectives surrounding the digital era have been inspired by the ongoing experience of world travel and art residencies alongside the theories and work of Nicolas Bourriaud’s provocation in the Altermodern. The exegesis expands the on-off function that drives the algorithms of e-culture in a retelling of old and new technologies, embodied as ‘lens-based practice’. At the making site, the research approximates cloth as environmental logic and apparel of the Anthropocene, while raw material revels in a retelling, repeating, rebooting, reusing, reducing, reinventing, recycling and the readymade. The research oscillates between hero and hack in this copy and paste saga whilst navigating through the Altermodern Archipelago holding a computer as a compass to the terrain of the World Wide Web. The work archives the intersection of past time and future place by drawing from the natural and the human-built, seeking to illuminate and push the boundaries of commenting on environmental, digital and human conditions alongside contemporary global perspectives through art practice.
    Date of AwardNov 2018
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorBirut Zemits (Supervisor), Vannessa Hearman (Supervisor) & Sharon Ford (Supervisor)

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