Plastic entanglements

  • Korin Elizabeth Lesh

Student thesis: Masters by Research - CDU


We are living in the era of the Plasticene where the accumulated material of our present is forever affecting our possible futures. Plastic is emblematic of both abundance of synthetic inventions and ecological concerns. My thesis and artworks, by drawing on New Materialist and Post Humanist discourse, explores how plastic materiality has ethical and ecological implications. Philosopher, quantum physicist and New Materialist Karen Barad’s ‘intra-activity’ underpins my research and artistic output. By applying Barad’s intra-active philosophy my artworks present and explore the dynamism between plastic matter and ourselves. My installation artworks are explorations of plastic material relationships and consequences that emerge from our contemporary reality. Plastics are altering our environments and our own physiology, and influencing our perspectives. We affect the Plasticene and create differences in the world, while the Plasticene affects us and inflects and creates differences in us. Through my exegesis and ‘intra-active’ installations I explore and highlight how we are bound, entangled and ethically implicated by the plastic materials and objects that are forever altering us and our world.
Date of AwardApr 2022
Original languageEnglish

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