Reality shock of nursing
: are universities adequately preparing new graduates for the reality shock of nursing?

  • Allison Hinton

    Student thesis: Other thesis - CDU


    Nursing graduates indicate the transition from student of nursing to registered nurse [RN] is a difficult conversion (Theobald, K, p27, 2002). The clinical area in particular, is an important learning environment for undergraduate nursing students (Elliott, M, p34, 2002) and is important preparation for eventually becoming a member of the nursing workforce. The aim of this thesis was to examine if Universities are adequately preparing new graduates of nursing for the reality shock of nursing. The quantity and quanlity of clinical practice were perceived to be important in preparation for the reality shock of entering the
    nursing workforce.

    Two questionnaires were developed to determine the knowledge of and attitudes towards university nursing education and also, the reality shock o f nursing amongst hospital trained nurses known as Hospital Trained Questionnaire [HTQ] and new graduate nurses known as New Graduate Questionnaire [NGQ], Enriching these data were comments collected from diary entries, referred to as Diary, used to record meetings with nurses as a workplace delegate for the nursing union [Australian Nursing Federation], Comments from new graduate nurses about adequacy of university educational preparation, the amount of
    practical within their courses and their experiences of reality shock were often part of these conversations. 

    It was concluded that universities are not seen to be adequately preparing nursing students for their role as Registered Nurses [RNs], nor for the reality shock of entry into the nursing workplace. Some suggested strategies for improving the quality of the learning experience for nursing students within their university programs emerge.
    Date of Award2003
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorJanie Mason (Supervisor)

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