Reflective deliberation
: a case study in developing a curriculum for adults within an educational community

  • Margaret Mary Goodacre

    Student thesis: Other thesis - CDU


    This study has two dimensions to it. There is the methodology and the case study itself. A methodology is developed and then applied to the case study. The methodology for retrospective deliberation is argued for and demonstrated to be a legitimate form of inquiry in the field of curriculum. The case study examines the procedures whereby a group of people set with the task of establishing a School Board developed an Education Program for the adult sectors of the educational community. 

    In the course of the case study it is demonstrated that the group developed a curriculum. The development process that is examined reflec ts the deliberative process of Walker's Naturalistic Model for curriculum development. The analysis of the data treatment identifies the elements that contribute to creating this specific milieu, that of Our Lady's Catholic College. These elements contribute to the micro and macro contexts and provide information which can be used to draw conclusions at three levels. Facts emerge which are relevant to the case itself, the region in which it occurs and to Catholic Education in General. Findings which concern the broad area of Catholic Education can be seen to apply to the region and to the specific case but it cannot be assumed that all findings which re late to the specific case case be transferred to the broader levels of the region and Catholic Education in general.

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    Date of Award1990
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorDarol Cavanagh (Supervisor)

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