Reproduction and induced spawning of trochus, Trochus niloticus (Linnaeus)

  • Ricky Gimin

    Student thesis: Masters by Research - CDU


    The reproductive cycle of trochus, Trochus niloticus Linn., from Mermaid Island and Sunday Island in King Sound, Western Australia, was studied as part of the trochus research program carried out at the Northern Territory University, Darwin. The reproductive cycle was established using gonad indices (gonad index, GI, and gonad bulk index, GBI) and histological examinations by sacrificing 15 females and 10 males with basal diameter >60 mm on a monthly basis for one year starting from May 1995. 
    The sex ratio of the trochus population based on the monthly sampling was not significantly different from an expected ratio of 1 male : 1 female (p>0.05) for mature individuals of all size classes. Spearman correlation showed that there was significant correlation (p<0.05) between GI and GBI...
    Date of AwardFeb 1997
    Original languageEnglish

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