Review of the public sector management course in the Northern Territory

  • Cheryl Lee Crosthwaite

    Student thesis: Coursework Masters - CDU


    This dissertation is a commissioned consultancy for the Northern Territory (NT) Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment to review the Northern Territory Public Sector Management Course (PSMC). The PSMC is a middle management training programme which has been offered in the NT since 1993. The PSMC was evaluated nationally in 1993 but the contribution to this evaluation of the course was minimal.

    A number of authors attest to the complexities of evaluating middle management training c.f. Marlow; Attridge; Regan; and Duffy ( all in PSC 1992a); Woodcock and Jones (1985); Bramley (1996).

    A preliminary study into participant perceptions was carried out, by questionnaire for the whole population. To increase the rigour of data , the Sponsors of course participants were also surveyed.

    The present study seeks to consider the PSMC participants' perceptions of: 
    . whether the course has met their needs; and 
    • changes in their own behaviour as a result of the course.

    Eighty percent of participants believe that the course has met the majority or exceeded their objectives and expectations for the course. Participants reported improvements in their own behaviour within the workplace as a result of the PSMC. Reported improvements rated from a small to very significant change in the range of in the range from 85-96% improvement. These figures are above the national average as reported in the National Evaluation of the PSMC (1994). Sponsor results generally reflected the results reported by participants but with slightly higher scores.

    The survey also highlighted a number of workplace factors influencing the participants learning during the duration of the course and transfer of learning after completion of the course.

    The PSMC can be considered to be meeting the needs of NT Government Departments and Commonwealth Departments in providing learning for middle managers. A number of recommendations to do with selection of participants and assistance during the learning period have been made.

    In addition, as this was a preliminary study, a number of areas for further evaluation have been delineated.
    Date of AwardFeb 1997
    Original languageEnglish

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